Todd Smart Racing is located at Thoroughbred Park in Canberra. In recent years the training facilities at Canberra have seen major redevelopments, with the highlight being the all weather synthetic track – Acton Track.

The heated equine pool at Thoroughbred Park is an excellent tool that Todd Smart Racing uses for pre- & post-training workouts.

Course Proper Track Statistics

  • 1815 metres in circumference.
  •  25 metres wide with a total area of 64,000 square metres.
  • The turns are cambered to 5%, the back straight camber is 2.5% and the main straight camber is 1.5%. 
  • The home straight is 400 metres long.

Acton Track Statistics

  • Width 15 metres
  • Diameter 1620 metres
  • Home straight 380 metres
  • Cambered surface – 3% cross fall in the straight which transitions to a maximum of 5% on the turns.
  • Depth of synthetic material 100mm
  • Plastic running rail installed 2012

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